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On a line between the Azores and Bermuda

The Azores

The Azores to the west of Portugal are a part of the Atlantic ridge that is above the surface, they form three group of islands, and there are 9  major islands. The nearest continental land is Cape Roca Port which is 740 ml east (1,190km).


A group of around 145 islands, of which about 20 are inhabited. They are located  570 ml (916km) ESE of Cape Hatteras North Carolina, USA. The islands are formed out of coral tops on old volcanoes.

In a direct line between them

Around a 1000 miles from the Azores, and around 875 miles from Bermuda, lies a sea mount, a high point in the ocean bed known as Yakutat seamount, at its highest point it is 1133 mtrs from the surface. Still a long way down.

This is the  chosen location for the main kingdom.

Its coordinates are 36N 48W.

The pages available on the left above give you more details on Bermuda and the Azores. The climate button above looks at what it is like at the position we have chosen.

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