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Smaller in between islands or floating harbors

Around equal distances either side between the new kingdom and the Azores and Bermuda we propose two smaller islands that will form a harbor, stop over place and have a landing strip for smaller planes, large planes will not need to land at these points. 

See 'On a line', under 'Location' for details of where the line is and the distances, etc.

This will result in smaller stages between the Azores, the in between island (Atlantis 2), the new kingdom, the in between island (Atlantis 3)  and Bermuda than the gap either side. 

These smaller islands should be  be powered so that in the event of either very bad weather or a sea disaster they can be moved, and also if they need repairing they can be brought back to the main kingdom. Some feel this would be rarely done, and it may be better to concentrate of fixed structures able to stand anything that came at them, others suggest having these and at least one spare unit all powered would have many benefits, as well as being a major safety feature. 

The time scale for the development of these is independent from the development of the main kingdom, which is not dependent upon them.

Islands 4 and 5

Island 4 is suggested as a spare unit that could take the place of the other two if they needed servicing at the main kingdom island, and as a floating service station to help in the development of the kingdom and particularly the wall units. 

It has been suggested that these powered islands would in effect be large tugs and should some disaster strike that caused the main kingdom to break free of its moorings, these island units would be able to be fixed to and tow the kingdom back to its desired position. Because of the remote location and time to float to other places, you have several days to accomplish this. This is not necessary if the main kingdom has some power and is not tethered to the sea bed.

An annual sea race has also been talked of and island 4 could be a major part of this  providing a triangle point away from the main line.

When it was not in use for anything else and in bad weather it would be connected to the rear of the airport unit, forming a part of the tail of the kingdom, with its harbor unit being used as a refuge for yachts that could not make the main kingdom entry point.

Island 5 is suggested half way between the Azores and Portugal in order to cut the distance on this section of the line. It may be that this would not be a part of New Atlantis but a smaller support ship provided by or with the people of the Azores, there is room to talk about what the people of the Azores feel about this.

Later units

Once the concept of these in between stepping stone islands has been established, clearly pairs, or groups of 3 stepping stones could be used to put other transit lines in many directions. 

The value as a base for providing disaster relief will also become evident. They are also a feasible way of providing quality services to an area in need, and could be provided as short term aid and them moved elsewhere. 

We need to also face the fact that some people might also see a military use for these islands. We do not want to provide military units, but it may be that the potential in this area produces more research that we and they benefit from.


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