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Both the Azores and Bermuda are quoted by different people as having the  most pleasant climate of anywhere in the world. They grow similar crops and although the Azores are very slightly further north than Bermuda the air and sea currents move from the warmer areas towards them.

The Azores are classed as having a sub tropical climate. Bermuda is explained as being sunny all year but never oppressively hot.

The new kingdom

The chosen position roughly half way between Bermuda and the Azores and on a direct line between them in theory will have a very similar climate to them. Some suggest it will be just slightly cooler as there is no land mass for the sun to heat and no shallow water shelf around which may have warmer water than that found further out.

Neither the Azores or Bermuda has needed to have a sea wall built, and some suggest we do not either. For much of the year the ocean is pleasant and can be crossed by rowers and yachts, without too much difficulty by enthusiasts, it taking around 5 days to sail from the Azores to Bermuda. Those on round the world adventures consider this area to be pleasant in comparison with many others.

Storms that do develop often start mid Atlantic and build as they move in one direction or another, but normally go around the high pressure area over this position.  On occasions this high pressure area may be moved slightly to the south. Without a sea wall, there are times when the  islands within the kingdom might get a rough ride, with it, we believe that the conditions will always be  pleasant, and for the majority of the time extremely pleasant.

A condition occurs for very small periods of up to a week where the high pressure over our area of interest and the low pressure a long way to the North swaps. During this period the area is more stormy and waves are generally far higher. With global warming this is happening far less and it is suggested that in the future it is unlikely to happen at all.


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