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Where will it be located, why the Atlantic?

There have been suggestions that we should have a number of these floating continents, and that if we have only one, then the pacific would make more sense as it is larger.

The original idea that we are still working towards, is a location within the northern Atlantic, originally it was suggested that it be over the Atlantic ridge and some way south of the Azores, perhaps level with Bermuda as its furthest point north and moving towards the equator in winter months.  This idea has been dropped.

One of the reasons for being so far out is that no ones territory, fishing rights etc will be threatened and therefore we should get no opposition. Another is that we see a number of great advantages as a meeting place half way between Europe and the USA and considerable tourist potential.

The location we have chosen for the main kingdom is a position on a line between the Azores and Bermuda, at 36N 48W, which would add the attraction of making it more viable for those interested in sailing to sail or use larger motor cruisers, sailing from Europe to the USA or Caribbean, as well as cruises. 

Cruise companies felt it would be difficult to schedule trips to a moving kingdom and airways had problems likewise with timetabling. The fixed position is therefore more attractive from a cruise/tourist perspective, making the resort complex develop faster. Many islands find tourism provides their largest income.

We now also propose two smaller islands that form both small harbors, stopover's and small landing strips for smaller craft and aircraft along the line, making traveling from the USA to Europe by smaller aircraft or sea craft possible for so many more enthusiasts, as well as offering the opportunity for organizing seamanship competitions etc.

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