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What do we want to achieve

We want a new country, but we don't want to take over another land, so we decided that a new floating continent would be the answer. 

A large floating continent in the Atlantic.

When a ship or anything else is on the ocean, it is supported by the water, when it gets above a certain size and in larger waves, you have in part a bridge across two or more waves and this is the reason why some oil tankers fall apart. Given that we are talking about a continent and not a ship, we have to construct something that is flexible, yet strong, and once built can be repaired where it is.

We want it to be expandable. We want it to be self powered, and we want it to be a pleasant place for its occupants. We also need an economy, and the ability for the country to earn revenue to buy other services and projects abroad.

To give you some idea of scale an aircraft carrier is one of the largest ships on the ocean, yet cannot land even a small normal plane let alone a large passenger jet, where we need to have a full size airport on one of our islands.

Clearly, much of the assembly has to take place out in the Atlantic, although sub assemblies could be towed out or flat pack buildings, pods etc taken out.

Unit parts need to have common interfaces so that they can connect.

We need to think about power generation, supply, waste management, communication, transportation, food supply, industry, and jobs, environment, effect on the global environment, and more.

In most advanced societies, the citizens start by paying around half of their income in various direct forms of taxation and then constantly give more in taxes, so that cumulatively they give over 80% of their earned income to the state. While you may say it is not real, just printed tokens produced and circulated by the state, it in effect means that you work 3 weeks for the state to every one for yourselves out of each month. We want to model a society where there is no direct taxation, and minimal indirect taxation, ideally very little taxation at all but we still want at least the same level of community. 

As we propose to be peaceful we need no army, or large defense forces, we will have no police force or prisons, and the servants of the people will be multi functional. No politician will be paid, or receive any payment in kind connected with his office, directly or indirectly. We need to model our society so that this is possible.


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