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The outline of our solution

We propose a group of large floating islands in a triple spiral shape surrounded by a sea defense wall, with a tail containing a large island. 

The wall being constructed of many island units, and being both adjustable and expandable by adding extra parts. The shape of this wall being designed to break up or turn over waves. The wall contains chambers and turbines arranged so as to convert even the smallest swell of the ocean into electricity.  Some sections of the walls also contains accommodation, storage and parts of the  resort complexes.  

Electric power,  from the wall units also drives desalination plants to make water and plants that split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Some other forms of energy creation based on temperature shift between the top and bottom of the ocean can create electricity and distilled water as a bi product. Hydrogen is stored as a form of ancillary power running engines. Small craft and any other vehicles are run either on electrical power or Hydrogen. The only fuel oil that has to be imported is for powering aircraft at the airport. 

The Islands can be constructed of various materials, but most will be based on a Ferrocement. Seacrete a material created by passing electricity through seawater and similar to sea shells is also being looked at, both as a material on its own and as a rustproof coating for metal structures. Each island is made of many cells, so that any leakage does not threaten the structure.

The principle objective of the islands is to build upon, but being hollow structures, factories and some constructions can be placed within them, and the later designs tend to make greater use of the inside or to combine the island and buildings into a combined structure. Noisy places, ie  sports, port etc will be collected together. The airport will be in the long island that forms the tail, largely protected from the weather, yet away from the remainder to keep noise down. Aircraft will come in over the ocean and take off over service areas. All principle services will be duplicated, with double the capacity necessary.

The islands will be connected with flexible standard connectors, carrying all support services. Bridges will connect islands both in a spiral and some links to and from the center.  A spider web is a good analogy.

The kingdom will have a resort and resort facilities, but these areas will be able to be isolated through checkpoints after a certain time, so that their activities do not disturb other residents.

A spiral structure with expanding outside will allow it to grow. Also as you go outwards there will be a tendency as technology develops, to build larger and larger island units.

When you look at the project not as an impossible dream but a group of interrelated small projects each of which will be managed by separate companies, industries etc, it starts to become simpler to achieve, but due to the potential weather systems in the Atlantic both now, in centuries to come, and the number of people who will live permanently in the Kingdom, we cannot make light of the safety and thought that goes in. We need to as fully as possible consider every detail.

Early designs saw it as a powered unit moving about the ocean to avoid weather systems and make the most of the climate. We have also considered it potentially as a permanently moored kingdom, and chose a suitable location. The current idea is a combination, we would like a mooring tie to the ocean floor but also the ability if need arose to drop this or if it became unconnected for some reason to be able to maneuver and maintain our position. This allows for the unexpected the rouge iceberg, or a new unexpected volcano opening up under us. The power needs however, need to only allow us to move very slowly and to mainly just maintain position against ocean currents and wind. Due to the mass of the kingdom, any natural movements of the ocean and winds if it was free floating and un-powered would tend to make it float in circles. (See action of icebergs for an explanation of this).


In addition to the main kingdom we now see two smaller islands, also possibly tethered, but far more likely powered and mobile, although each normally staying in a fixed location. This is very much a later development and the main development is not dependent on these.


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