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The secret is:-

Break any task into its component pieces

To build a floating kingdom may seem like an impossible dream. To some building an island or even a room within an island make appear to be challenging. The secret is to look at this project not as a huge project but a collection of very tiny projects. The point I am making is that neither you or I need to build the kingdom this week, we can look at stages, break down stages into tasks, look at technologies and if necessary find experts to handle those parts we are not confident with.

We have called this section design rather than build as we believe that the key to this stage is in the design not the physical building, every minute spent finding the best ways to achieve ends and in working out exactly how each bit will be put together will save enormous amounts when we actually build it.

In the practical section of this section we discuss technologies and how they can be applied, from basic concepts to machines that could make islands.

The concepts, location etc have been covered in the 'New Continent section', and how the state will function, its economy and more is in the 'State' section. Visions presents various peoples ideas as to how parts of the kingdom may look and have been created, from a fictional viewpoint but based on solid basic material. A grounding within this section will mean that you realize just how practical the ideas presented are, and perhaps from there come up with your own ideas.

Remember always we are not offering you a solution just pointing out some approaches that may be able to be used. The idea is really quite simple we want individual groups, companies or individuals to work out their own designs, we want to interfere as little as possible, and we want to get on with it, with the minimum of formality and no red tape.

Having said that we are delighted to talk to you, to put people in touch with others to work with and eventually will also have listings of people and agencies that can help you to put your plans into practice.

Start now with a dream, see where the dream takes you, work out how the practicalities would apply, make it a practical project, document it, then get partners if you need them, from funding to building help. The dream has to come first, and most things can be done if the dream is good enough and can be shared with others.


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