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Development and research facility

We want to build somewhere, a development facility, that will have tanks, wind tunnels and other resources, and examples of developments in various materials. 

This will also become the planning center for building the kingdom.

The best idea would be on a site that is to become a new industrial complex, as we believe many others interested in developing services, products and providing consultancy services, model makers etc,  will also like to be based within this estate. We therefore see it as a major creation of employment and research developments. 

In concept it could be in any country, the advantages of each still has to be explored. 

In the longer term, in many years to come, when the kingdom has become established we see it becoming the buying office and the land base for ongoing research and development. Some research facilities will always require a stable base that is known not to move. 

If you have suggestions or ideas on this then please let us know.


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