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Most projects have a definite start, defined goals or time frame and at least a target date for completion.

We have none of these, the idea to build a new continent has been growing for many years and various groups within and outside of New Atlantis have discussed the idea. We all thought originally that it may be an idea that will take several life times to bring about, but as we have looked further and new development came about, the task has become clearer and more practical for this time. 

You will discover within this site most of the details that will allow this to become a reality, set out below are the next stages.

Our schedule

Our schedule is more therefore a list of tasks to do, or problems to overcome, many can be worked on at the same time, so one area is not necessarily held by another. What may not appear to be a holding factor at the current time still needs to be developed so that it does not hold developments at a later point.

A complete critical path analysis of the whole project is being worked on, but not yet in a publishable state, however we can here identify a number of tasks that need to be done and these include:-

Ebook or report format that makes the information more widely available.
Further work on the  materials that can be used.
Determining the sizes of parts of the structure to be sea worthy in all weather conditions.
Safety considerations under all possible conditions.
Determining the fixing and swivel arrangements to hold it in place, if tied down.
Designing a standard interface between island units.
Defining and establishing a land based research and development facility.
Defining the order of islands their sizes, and locations.
Identifying where sub assembly units can be built.
Developing advisory groups for each area that will eventually have a license issued.
Developing the contract that will allow commercial companies to be involved.
Developing licensing arrangements for services etc.
Telling others what we are doing.
Working with governments/other bodies to make more information available.
Technical designs.
Identifying other technologies that may be of interest.
Motivating you to become involved.

As we are moving forward other tasks are identified and handled.

Next Stage

The next stage is to try to identify license providers and others interested in the provision of services and define up the connectors and services. To establish advisory groups for these areas.

The ebook or report format of all information will be helpful to many more people, this is currently nearing completion.

A lot of other design work is also nearing completion. Shortly we will be looking for consultants to become advisers relating to specific design areas or technologies, and to interface with others interested.

We are also starting to look at corporations for some tasks, trust arrangements, and will soon be starting to look with developers at the initial designs for some of the first island units to be provided.

We need to look towards a development and testing facility with tanks, wind tunnels etc so developers can test their designs within a model of the kingdom. We need to decide at some point where this is to be located, at this point we are undecided as to country.

Soon we need to start contacting other governments so that they can each make sure that their people get in on all that is on offer from this project.


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