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New Atlantis grew many years ago now, out of the choices project an exercise to look at how the ideal society should be run. This work has continued within New Atlantis  through the  Independent Inquiry Society.

Actually running the new kingdom is therefore more thought out and discussed than any other part of the development.

Open and honorable

New Atlantis is an honor based society, that means its members believe in complete honesty and truthfulness when dealing with each other. You will also come across New Atlantis trusts which extend this philosophy.  Obviously dealing with many outside of New Atlantis we have had to be very careful.

One of the largest risks presented to us by people outside is that we are so open and honorable, sharing all our information and ideas in relation to the building of the new Kingdom, that a consortium of less than honorable people could take it over and do it themselves. This is not likely to happen as there is no benefit to them, over co-operating with us, and they would need to provide the equivalent of what we are, to achieve the same ends. They are far better off working with us than trying to duplicate or  do something similar. The only potential area this does not apply is in the provision of the mobile islands which could be provided in another way. If however someone was so keen on this we would look at working their island into our design and save us a job or two. We believe that this project is so large that whatever size a consortium is, they would be better off being a part of our project than a free standing one.

Should a group for political, nationalistic or religious reasons want their own kingdom, then we see no problem in co-operating with them, there are many large oceans, so room for a number of floating kingdoms, or dependencies.

The pages available from here give you a very quick overview of the way the kingdom will run, a fuller manual is in preparation, however we are particularly interested in the views of communities that are to become a part of the new Kingdom. You may be aware that we also have a site dedicated to setting up new communities on land or elsewhere.


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