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We envisage two methods of provision of services, licensed providers and trusts. All services would be billed to users, or to trusts that will share the cost between users, for example within a community. 

Licensed services

We see the licensed provider, providing services such as telephones, data links, TV and radio programmes, postal service etc. Each would have a license to provide a limited range of services making it possible and practical to develop the service. We envisage sufficient variety to allow a price to be set by fair competition but not so many that a good service at a reasonable price cannot be provided. Within the design section of this web site there are more practical arrangements as to how some services will be organized.

Comparing services

The services are very similar in general concept to land based services. There are two additional ones, the postal tube system and sea wall. Some services on land are not necessary in the floating kingdom, for example flood defense systems, subsidized rail, and a few are more expensive at present for example, our recovery system being completely non polluting,  will cost more than those who use land fill sites or discharge foul material into the ocean.

Overall there should be very little difference in overall cost of total services, and even if it were to cost slightly more within the floating kingdom this is offset by having no income tax and few other minor taxes, so residents keep a far larger percentage of their income.

Trusts or corporations

We see trusts or corporations starting as new established providers, part owned by owners of island units and or investors. We see these having a share value, and making a profit for shareholders. We see this covering the sea wall, power generation, Hydrogen manufacture, provision and cleaning of water, waste disposal, and similar services. We expect to have a greater capacity in all areas than we utilize and we would expect several trusts to co-operate, and have a way of intercharging for passing tasks from one to another. The marina, port authority, air traffic control and various other services would similarly be trusts. The administration of just about all aspects of the kingdom we expect to be handled by trusts, from education and health to issuing contracts for general admin and collection of rents etc. We do not envisage a civil service or council staff, but service companies carrying out agreed services for the state at agreed prices.

There is another services page in the design section.


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