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The head of state of New Atlantis is the president, once the kingdom is established the president will have the costs of their official role and living costs covered by the state, but no salary. 

Their salary will come from a once a year collection from all citizens, trusts etc, which will be carried out anonymously, contributions can be any amount they choose, thereby reflecting their pleasure or comment on achievements and the way the kingdom has been run.

The president may keep what proportion of this he chooses and use whatever amount he chooses for other purposes. 

The role of president is a life time appointment, the president however can retire if he wishes. It is the role of an outgoing president to name his successor, and to have set up arrangements so that if anything happened to him a replacement has been named.

The president is the head of every trust, and the New Atlantis royal family. He can create committees and disband them. 

Individual islands or groups of islands are run by councils elected or chosen from the owners or residents in a way they define when their managing trust is set up. Each council puts forward a nomination of one of its members to join the parliament that advises the president. The president can at any time ask a council to nominate another person and the pattern should be to allow regular changes so all those interested get a chance to be involved. Council members are not paid or allowed to benefit from the role.

A lot more information on the presidents role and the current president can be found on other New Atlantis sites. (See web sites button at very top of this page).

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