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Licensed service providers

While our intention is to have as little regulation and red tape as possible, it is necessary to provide some exclusivity for some developments to make them economic and for the whole system to function.

We see this in areas such as telecommunications, TV, water and sewer services. It is not practical to have a large number of suppliers with services chained through all islands. 

By allowing one corporation or consortium to have an  exclusivity arrangement we will expect in return several things, a fair policy towards involving others, fair charges, and a commitment to perform.

Initially we are looking to those who take our licensees and thereby control areas of services to show us how they are going to implement these features and to give them a fair chance to do so. Only if they fail to do so, and after negotiations we are unable to agree with them how to overcome the problem will we put in a regulatory arrangement. Our feeling is that corporations will want to do everything they can not to have a regulator imposed and possibly then other competition introduced.

The first stage is to set up advisory groups to look at each areas of need with various industries. This should both allow us to see who is most interested in taking part in the creation of the floating kingdom and to allow the requirements and license targets to be set.

Once this has been done, we will either allow those within the advisory groups to form consortiums to handle the licenses for their area or offer initially to the members of the advisory group the chance of the license before making it more widely available. 

There is no fee involved in joining an advisory group, however if members of the advisory group want to put on seminars or conferences or have other means of getting together they may do so, making their own arrangements and charges. Companies may make donations to the general research fund for New Atlantis if they wish.

In some industry areas we may  look towards tenders for licenses, where interested parties can put forward their plans and tenders as to license fees. The documentary requirements will be minimal, so that those who do not succeed have not been involved in considerable cost.

Licenses will involve an annual payment, small at first and growing over time, however never becoming excessive, and we would never expect it to be greater than 10% of the profit generated from their activities within the license area. 

In some cases licenses will not involve any fee, or only a very small fee where some other service is being provided for the community. 


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