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Such a good idea, so much of the work done, why cant you take it over

Consortiums, governments, crime groups, other landless groups... what is to stop you taking over our dream, at first sight there would seem very little, we are peaceful, have no military, share our knowledge, and clearly are vulnerable.

The real question is of course why would you want to. Working as a part of this you can achieve far more than you could by taking it over and ending up with a small part or nothing at all, when everyone else decided to avoid the project.

If you want to run your own thing, you would still be better off becoming involved and allowing the technology to develop before choosing to set up your own version in another ocean or another part of the Atlantic.  We will share information with you, and we expect there to be a number of similar developments, many near to existing land, particularly where land prices are high, or there are needs for space. In many ways it is far easier to build in shallower, more protected waters.

Crime groups, or corrupt people always present the largest challenge, to existing and new kingdoms. Our answer is simple, offer people sufficient opportunities that they can make more honorably, and then the need to take another route is not attractive. Maybe within an existing land for historic or PR reasons this cannot be done, but we have no history, we have no criminals, and we will look at everyone equally, irrelative of  race, background, or connections or any other factor, just lots of people working towards a common goal.

On the other hand, having seen all that we can do, and our attitude to everyone, and all peoples, if someone did the dirty on us, and stole our project, you should question if they will not cheat you also if they had the chance. The risk then becomes greater.

In the longer term, we will get recognized and have agreements where our independence is guaranteed by larger states, and look to joining the United Nations.


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