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We would like to invite you as an individual, to look at our ideas, explanations of just what could be achieved, and to consider if you would like to join in. 

Perhaps you see yourself as an explorer helping us discover and conquer one of the last areas on this planet.
Perhaps as an entrepreneur, looking at the opportunities this presents for you.
Perhaps you can see a better life style, something you would love to be involved in building.
Perhaps you see the benefits this would provide to the whole of society from stimulating economies to providing technologies for disaster relief.
Perhaps you see this as a game or challenge, that will stimulate you.
Or perhaps you just want to help us do it, to prove it can be done.

Whatever the reason, the starting point for us all, is in our own heads, we have to decide, to look, think, learn, and consider, but most of all we have to dream, creating our own dream of just what we would like to see, and then using our skills, powers of deduction and fact-finding to work out just how it can be achieved.

For some, it will be to build an island, to some a service craft, to others a building or rooms, to others technical bits and pieces.

Before long, if you wish, you could become an expert, or consultant helping others looking at one or more areas, and perhaps look at joining a consortium of brains who will together take on the task of turning a small part of the dream into reality.

Every major corporation you see today, started with one or a handful of people who saw an opportunity, or a new way to use technology. Every name you read about in the encyclopedias and history books for making medical, scientific or practical discoveries, started by seeing a problem that needed looking at and thinking about a solution. Today you have the same opportunity put in front of you. 

Will you take up the challenge, or later wish that you had. Will you be telling your grandchildren when looking at major achievers on the TV, that you had the opportunity to have done that, but couldn't be bothered.

Our President, when lecturing to new entrepreneurs, often points out two important facts,

Firstly profit is proportionate to effort, and the reason most people never make it is that they never actually get started.
Secondly that LUCK is an abbreviation for  Labor Under Correct Knowledge. Get the information, put in the effort and create your own LUCK.



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