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Opportunities for existing governments

As an independent Kingdom being created in mid Atlantic, you may have thought we would want to distance ourselves from existing governments. We do not, you have nothing to fear from us, and much to benefit from our development.

Those that wish can benefit from economic stimulation, new trade, new technologies, large construction contracts. Just about every country can benefit by providing skills, resources, skilled labor, materials.......

Some will quickly see that old technologies can be stimulated like shipbuilding yards, steel, cement manufacture, some new technologies like communications, some research, some finance markets. 

Some will see the need for steel, or concrete as important, others the developments we are outlining to create electricity from the sea. Although we have no need for military hardware, technology areas from these industries may be relevant. 

The situation is quite simple, we have no preferred arrangements with any nation, or group of nations, what we are happy to do is to help you tell your corporations and citizens about the opportunities and how they can maximize the benefits to them and you.

Let us just consider the opportunity this presents

Your own businesses have many new sales to make.
Your corporations and entrepreneurs will see the opportunities to expand.
New technologies will develop.
Slower or 3rd world economies can be started up or expanded, increasing the cycle and turning their citizens into consumers, as well as reducing starvation etc. We all know there are surpluses of food in some parts of the world, just not the right economic setup for it to get traded to where it is needed.
Technologies developed for building structures mid ocean, creating large amounts of electricity and fresh water can be used to make life better for other parts of the land based world.
We see our operation as being good for everyone, and if anyone can see any area where they would loose out in any way we will do our best to help them to find an advantage that is greater than any conceivable loss they could make.


Are there any down sides to other states

Not that we are aware of, there is no military aspect to our projects and the site we have chosen is a long way from everyone. 

We are aware that some people are afraid of what they do not understand or is different, and based on existing experiences many will be suspicious that we have some hidden agenda. All we can do is to be as open as possible, and hope that through this everyone will realize that the dream we have is larger than gaining benefits for specific individuals.

We have a different way of organizing our society than any other, but as just about all existing countries have had to develop based on their history, existing culture and population, they have not had the luxury of a designer administration, or people who come to their country and chose to live there accepting the form of administration. Our design would clearly not work in most existing countries. We would suggest that rather than wanting us to follow your model, you could look on our small new designer kingdom as a test bed that will be trying out a number of really quite different ideas, some of which you might later be able to modify for your own country, if you like the results we get. 

If you have dissident groups who are not happy in your country, you may even find that the opportunities we will offer for them to have their own island within our kingdom may meet their needs and remove a problem for you over the years ahead.

Immigrants are seen as a problem to most of the developed western world, although some may feel they cannot admit it, clearly however as a new state we will need people from all walks of life, and will be offering an alternative to already overcrowded existing cities.

Our pollution free approach and energy developments could offer opportunities that could be used to help others, as well as developments we make being able to be used for a range of other projects, relief operations to power provision in the future.

We are not going to have any army, or get involved in conflicts, but do see the possibility as a neutral state to be able to host meetings between others who have conflicts of any type. 

What would we like governments to do

We would like to see, set up within your country, run by your citizens, managed and funded by you, a small agency who would exist to make sure that everyone within your country was aware of the opportunities and to help consortiums and groups to form. To help some of your corporations or individuals to get to join in other projects, and to make sure that any information that is needed in any language other then English is available when needed, or probably more practically translation help is available. We would like this agency to work with us, and to become involved in developments, plans etc.

We would like you to donate a sum equal to 20% of the amount you spend on this agency to a support group we will set up to help all these support agencies to work together and share ideas and opportunities. This is all about co-operating not competing.

While on the subject of donations, we do welcome donations from all and any other states, providing there are no long term strings attached, beyond possibly that a percentage of the donation has to be spent in your country or with companies from your country. We are always willing to look at sponsorship proposals of all types, and you may find that helping us to move one or other part of the project forward has benefits you can see. 

We are aware in the current world it is difficult to be friends with everyone, and there has been a tendency to choose teams to belong to, however as a new country we start out with no enemies, and belonging to no teams, and wish to offer the hand of friendship to every state.

Later we will be asking each existing country to officially recognize the new kingdom, but at this point it is largely academic and we, and you, would be better using our energies to maximize the benefits available to our people and yours.

Our President is available to speak to any person that you put forward with no formalities.   We invite your interest and involvement.


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