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An invitation to corporations

Building your existing business

Just about every type of existing business will see sales opportunities in the project to build a new kingdom, from suppliers of building supplies, to labor, to agencies for experts, to companies who wish to get involved in a particular specialty, perhaps providing telecommunications, web sites, TV stations, or the various sections of the leisure and retail industries.

Some of you will be fast off the mark, see the need and be first to meet it, others will want to see more develop and see if they can then negotiate profitable deals.

Within your existing specialty you have a natural advantage, your own experts and any development being able to be carried out by adding very few if any extra people.

Perhaps you can get options for retail mall places or in development now and leave the final plans to later, or perhaps you can see the significant benefits of being a developer as opposed to a tenant.

Expansion as a new division

In many areas of business today the return on investment are poor to say the least, many corporations are merely treading water, a considerable proportion do not get a fair return on the investment and risk involved.

Something new, different, exciting, motivating, interests staff, motivates managers, excites shareholders, creates PR, and without actually doing very much pays enormous dividends within the existing business.

A new division shows a commitment, an entity that can be floated on the stock market, can if needed involve partnerships, and if later found too demanding sold at a considerable profit.

Developing management

Within any business you have or need two types of managers or directors, those that are good at getting in front, creating the new, taking the lead, and the second group who are good at maximizing the return on existing areas, keeping costs from growing, and keeping on top of admin and legislation. Some businesses have mainly one type or the other, some even pretend that the same people are able to be experts in both areas. A new division or project allows the first type to stretch and grow, allowing the second type to handle the existing.

Where do replacement managers come from? or managers for later developments.  A few companies have made it the responsibility of each manager, at every stage to make sure that they have replacements amongst their staff, already trained up. With this philosophy all types of developments and expansion when needed is possible or the loan of key people to new projects for short periods.

Even relatively short periods in more challenging or different roles occasionally, will create more job satisfaction, producing a happier work force, more motivation, fewer days lost and lower staff turnover.

Why not consider these ideas in relation to your existing team.

Risk management

Can we get all these benefits without too much risk, will be your question. This comes down to staging, and understanding the risks at each stage, and is not really different to any great extent from 'on land' developments. 

Start with a small team, carry out investigations and appraisals, there is no planning permission, back handers to officials, or campaigning for the right to carry out your development. If the task has already been taken on by some other company we will tell you, if not then get in now. Red tape is minimal, cooperation is absolute, and your commitment is proportional to the exclusivity you want. 

We believe that the business risk involved in this, is no greater, and in many ways safer, than expanding into an already overcrowded land market. 

The perceived risk is a different matter, and it is the perceived risk, or fear of the unknown or different, that will cause many to hang back, and of course be the reason why those invoked at the earliest stages, will get the best opportunities and fantastic returns. Ultimately some years down line, when everything is known, it will not be all that different from land based operations, except for its location, uniqueness and the fact that everyone then wants to get involved, so prices go up, and down comes margin for later entrants. 

Advisory teams

You will see from other parts of this site, that we are establishing many advisory groups or teams to look at specific needs or industries, and these in many cases will become the bodies or companies that are first offered the licenses to run specific industries. As there is no cost to you of involvement in these, we would suggest you look towards early involvement, and join in the management of the team.


Clearly with no income at this time, we are very appreciative of donations or other forms of sponsorship from anyone, providing they do not have long term strings attached. We have no political parties so donations should be made to the virtual kingdom. Contact the email address on the home page of this site to discuss this. You do not need to make a donation to become involved, and therefore donations will tend to come from those who like our ideals and want to see the projects move forward rapidly.

Spin off benefits

The space race motivated many discoveries, new materials and methods, and many corporations benefited by being in the right industry and at the right time. Those most directly involved attracted the best people and developed faster,  becoming leaders. 

We see this project having a similar effect, new technologies, new methods, improved designs, new concepts. Building a new country with current and developing knowledge is far different from adapting what has been inherited from before and has to be fixed or utilized. We are starting from scratch, new ideas, opportunities galore. Much of which will ultimately be incorporated into land developments.

This is the natural starting point for the next level of developments and breakthroughs and those involved will quite naturally take the lead.


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