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We would like to invite a group of you to join in larger projects.

A group has a natural advantage, more ideas, more minds to solve problems, more research capability, and more stability.

On the down side, a committee approach may develop, which at best produces a compromise and at worst spends so much effort infighting that nothing is ever actually achieved.

The ideal consortium is one where the tasks are shared out, individuals or corporations take on responsibilities for aspects of the job, and occasional meetings and more frequent e-briefings keep everyone informed of progress.

We would like to invite you to consider a growing consortium.

Consider for a moment what help is needed to start, find the people to meet this need, and start. 

As you progress, new or staged needs arise, and you look to find people who can help meet those needs. 

If you think just slightly ahead, you should find this is as fast as starting with a large group, and far more satisfying and profitable for those in first.

For those approached later this will also appeal, the financier for example is far more excited about a fully worked out and cost'd plan, that can actually be seen to be able to be done, than your dream. 

Many individuals will become experts, leaders of consortiums will perhaps become project managers for later projects. Look at using as many of these as you need. As the pie grows, don't be greedy, a quarter of a large pie can be much larger than the whole of a small pie.

To start with why not pay each person involved in shares, you get some for each stage or activity you do, each other consortium member the same, likewise with consultants. Eventually  some shares may be sold, or maybe  exchanged for build finance. Some of the largest projects will start from a persons desk, and at the expenditure of a few stamps and a little time.

Starting a consortium

Someone has to have the first dream idea, wish to make something happen. Start with your own ideas, discuss them with others and see if you can find some others who will share a similar dream, and together then work out how to make it happen.

There is a tendency for entrepreneurs like inventors to believe their idea is so good that they have to keep it to themselves. Unless you have the full resources to make it happen yourself, you are just throwing away that idea, or dream that could have been made possible if only you had found others to help make it happen. 

Sometimes people will fear starting a project and then being cut out or sidelined by others, but if you are the one with this idea, will come up with other ideas, will have a valid part to play, will solve problems, and more, it does not make sense for anyone you bring in, to try to eliminate you, providing of course that you value their ideas and the work they put in. If a conflict of personalities did develop, as they do sometimes on boards of large companies, everyone usually walks away happy, either control or a financial or share dividend.

We have no limits, we are not going to run out of ocean, so its not a case where you have any real problems, and if you start a project that leads to nothing perhaps you will later join another or become a consultant in respect of a smaller section.

The opportunity is there, the need is there, will you be?


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