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In order for the kingdom to function we need a large number of services, like any civilization, the only real difference is that we are starting from scratch, rather then inheriting older technologies, plant etc. 

Similar to a rapidly developing or new town, we have a constantly expanding need, so scalability is important.

You will discover we have some additional services to a conventional land based community and some services not provided. In addition we treat the defending wall as a service, although it may also house residential or other units as well.

Standard interface

Islands need to be able to be plugged together, so that most of the services can pass through, servicing the island and on to the next. 

The services are:-

Direction Service Description/use
In Electricity Power for general use.
Bi data cable Phone, computer, TV, sensory data.
Bi data reserve back up data cable
IN A1 water Fresh for drinking etc.
IN B water  Recycled fresh water -  pond water for irrigation, cleaning etc.
* C water  Pumped direct from the ocean for loo flush etc.
Out A2 water  Used fresh water for filtering etc to form B water.
Out C2 water Sewer water etc (largely salt water), clean and return to ocean at rear of kingdom.
Bi Surplus heat A cooling loop that takes surplus heat back to an energy exchanger.
Bi Post tube Vacuum tube or similar delivery system, for small items (possibly two tubes as opposed to bi directional)

Layout guide

An ebook called the Floating Kingdom Layout Guide defines the latest position in relation to services, connectors, connecting heights and layout, together with distances between islands and much more. See the 'Books' link at the top of this page to see how to get hold of a copy.

More Information

The way the services will be provided is explained in provision and the way it is paid for is covered under the state main heading, then services sub heading.


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