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Your Island


Much of what is contained in the LATEST page you will have seen elsewhere, it is repeated here so that differences that may have occurred since you last read the site can be spotted, and it will give you an idea as to which parts to re-read.

The two sub pages YOUR ISLAND and IDEAS do not contain material that is necessarily repeated elsewhere.

In your island we look at what is involved in getting started in the development of your own island, however at various points throughout this web site you will find other information and ideas.

So when should you get involved? 

Well as early as you can, when the idea to do something comes to you or the desire to join a consortium  is realized. Our feeling is that as we are far more involved with the development of the kingdom overall, and concentrating on telling those that are getting involved all that can be done, sorting out detail with them and sharing ideas, we are going to get many complaints later from people who have been left out because we did not run a large marketing project to involve them. 

Our view is that those who see the opportunities and have the motivation to become involved have both a greater chance of success and deserve the higher profits available to those in first. 

Many governments will make sure of course that the businesses in their country are informed and encourage them to get involved. Some will spot the opportunities to their businesses faster than others.

Cooperative Links website 

We have a new extension to this 'build' site at this will give you direct links to special project sites looking at current research, to pages within some of our other web sites that are relevant and co-operative sites or people who you may like to work with.


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