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This page is used for identifying ideas that are currently being discussed, or ideas anyone has put forward that has not yet become part of the plan.

A lot of what you might have expected to find here we are in the process of adding to the practical section of this web site, so that it forms a reference source.

Retaining swivel

We are currently considering ideas for the retaining swivel that will connect the kingdom to the sea bed. This will be provided by the corporation that provides the wall units.

The working proposal is for a large wheel like structure, with outer tube, four cross pieces, and a central hub, having a number of sets of bearings one above another so that any one set can be worked on while the others are still running. The central piece would then be fixed via a number of radiating cables to the sea bed, holding the unit in place at a fixed height. 

From the outer tube, cables would come up to the ball units at an angle sloping towards the back of the kingdom fixed to the inner side of the tube and  the front of the kingdom on the outer side of the tube. The cables would connect to a number of points around the front nose or storm guard of the kingdom and the front area of the main wall. 

The kingdom will sit always downwind of the swivel slightly, partly because it is connected to the front only, partly because the front will point into the waves and partly because the shape of the kingdom with larger buildings towards the rear will cause it to swivel like a weather vein.

It is suggested that the cross pieces  should slope down towards the center so that they provide a straight  in line pull with the outer cables so as to stop fatigue and structural failure by a spring action.

We are currently looking at how the design can be improved so that sections of the structure can be replaced at a time, or design  changes later incorporated.

There has been suggestions that this unit should also form both an ocean laboratory and have the possibility to be reached by tourists via a drop bell or other arrangement. 

One suggestion is that there should be two of these units, and that in ideal weather if needed the kingdom could be transferred from one to the other so that repairs or replacement can be made.

The method of fixing the cables to the sea floor also still needs to be determined.

The kingdom would still retain its ability to drop the link and move independently if necessary, for example if a large iceberg was to approach, or if the fixing was lost. The advantage of the swivel is that engines would not need to be run all the time to maintain the position, although in some weather conditions they would be run so as to take the pressure off the swivel.

All suggestions, ideas and sketches etc are welcome.

Service connections

See under current, services for details, we are looking at the design and specification of connections.

Several people have suggested a large tube based delivery system, or tracked fairground type vehicle, that would send a person around the kingdom, the person would have to be strapped in and padded. We are not convinced at this time that people would find this an enjoyable experience, nor that they would not feel ill. Another suggestion is that it is not for general use, but to get people to hospitals fast. Some suggestions have been for a slower premium service or a means to get repair people to islands. It has also been suggested that a larger unit allowing several people to be taken in a semi seated position would be better and being more vehicle and less coffin like would be more pleasant and run faster.

The feeling put forward is that it is more cost effective to build it into the early design's, and space left for later implementation, even if not used. We welcome ideas on this topic, but have yet to be convinced as to the practicality.

Rear of airport, furthest point back in kingdom 

or moveable unit

It has been suggested that the tail of the mobile island should form a curve or 3/4 circle containing a small harbor, as a point yachts could reach if they had difficulty in getting into the main kingdom due to current flow in some weather conditions. It has also been suggested that this would make the airport more stable, if this was all part of the rigid structure.

Another suggestion is that there should a be a detachable powered island, similar to Atlantis 2 and 3 (independent mid way points), that could  serve the purpose of a safe harbor but also be used as a working base when adjusting wall units and for other tasks, and even as a rescue unit if an aircraft made a force landing within range. Our view is that even powered, a large item like this would move too slowly to be much use for rescue any distance away, however  to allow other units to switch over for servicing, and for a platform in the races envisaged and for working on the walls this would seem to be a good idea. 

We are also considering the idea that this should be the first unit built, be used for research and be used to assemble the later parts.


Interest is being shown in a variety of dome designs,  for a number of reasons, including domes with closable roofs to allow resort complexes, areas with plants etc to be  open or closed. Some say that Islands involving dome type structures will be cheaper, more stable and stronger. Heat generation, so as to increase the temperature difference between surface warmed water and deep water, for power production is being considered. Methods to also use this temperature difference to produce fresh water is also being looked at. See practical section.

Call for ideas

If you have ideas that we do not appear to be looking at then let us have your ideas. We welcome everyone's views and opinions.


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