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Designing your own island

In order to design an island you will need ultimately to provide the agreed connections with neighboring islands. This will include standard service connectors, that will feed through and feed to other islands, and both bridging and cabling points.  

The island will need landing points at water level for goods and passengers, and conveyors to allow loading or unloading of boats. It is your choice as to if the boats go under/within your island to unload or are next to it, but if next to it  then a hood arrangement is necessary. Landing points should come off one or both the waterways, but not the processional way (spare waterway).

The surface/under road arrangements will be agreed with you, and there should be connections between these and the loading points by boat.

It can be constructed of any material that is permanent and in any design that will prove strong enough. The internal structure must be subdivided into many sealed compartments, so that a leak cannot sink the island unit.

Sprinklers, water pumps and fire detection equipment must be built in covering all areas, including service ways.

We have no set size for island units, and will arrange them so that they fit sensibly in most cases you may find an island to fit a need will be better than trying to split one need over several islands or trying to use one island for many uses. For example a shopping complex, hotel, office complex could all have unique islands. Larger spaces, for example a very large housing estate, may be able to be produced more economically by splitting across two or more units, so cost different options. 

Remember that you can build within and on islands, and on occasions this could provide two opportunities within a single island.

Islands can be built elsewhere and towed to the position, part assembled and brought out for assembly or built on site. Any manufacturing process must be such that no spillages or pollution occurs, you cannot for example build a chicken wire frame and spray it with cement on site, unless you have made arrangements so that nothing can spill into the ocean. If you have doubts about what is acceptable talk to us at an early stage of planning.

Shell or empty islands or part developed islands can be built and we have special arrangements to allow for this, where a similar specification island is provided fitted to the same level and then a upgrading tax is applied when you fit out each section. This leaves the kingdom in the same position as if you had fitted it all out initially. 

One for you and one for us

The way the construction of the kingdom is to work is that for each island that you build to have salable units, or let out units on, you also provide a matching island of roughly equivalent specification, which you give to the Kingdom. Many of these will house services, ie schools, recreation, etc, but many will also be let, providing a long term income to the state, this will provide an income so that income tax is not necessary. We are happy to discuss how this second island will be used, and encourage developers to enhance the development and receive credit as the sponsor of that island.

The wall and services

Conceptually each developer is also expected to contribute towards the development of the outer wall units and towards provision of some central services, however many of these will be provided by other developers, and funded as stand alone businesses either now or later. In practice there may be more of a matching operation between developments than a need for island developers to get involved.

Wall units can also house other facilities so have a dual use as an island and as a sea defense. Although the very front is at some times in rough sea, the side and rear wall units are not, and the weather will blow by. The sea wall apartments have to have extra thick glass in windows but will have constant sea views.

The way we see this working can best be defined by looking at the wall, we propose to treat the wall as a corporation that all wall developers join, this makes a service charge for the protection it provides to everyone within the kingdom. 

In many ways the wall units are similar to island units however they have developments within them, on them and an income as a part of the sea defense. Like other developments sea wall units are built on a one for you and one for us principle however as the relative  cost of building the sea wall may be larger than islands, we are able to discuss the option to provide an island with similar capacity as an alternative to funding two wall units. 

In the longer term there will be a limit on the number of sea wall units as the requirement has to be limited to keep in line with islands, and far fewer wall sections will be required than other units.

Some developers have asked if they could develop at an early point empty or shell wall units for fitting out later, allowing them to make a larger investment up front and then fit them out slowly over time. We see no principle difference in this to creating shell islands for fitting out later themselves or for others to fit out. 

Zero land costs

Taking into account construction costs, the second unit that is given to the kingdom we believe that the final costs to developers  will be less than an equivalent city development in a similar culture, as there is no land cost. In resort areas we believe the cost will be considerably lower due to the larger amount of units created.

Developers should also remember that this is a unique opportunity, with limited units becoming available, and that they and others are all working on the same cost structure.

Fist steps

Tell us of your interest at the earliest point, and as soon as you are able tell us the type of development that you would like to be involved in. Do not wait for all factors, finance etc to be in place, as we want to be be able to enter your pieces into our giant jigsaw at the earliest point possible, even if it will change greatly or not even materialize in the end, at least we can share information with you, which we see as very much a two way trade.  

At this point there is no competition with rivals. There are opportunities for everyone, and therefore we should all be able to work together and help each other. Later once everything becomes far more defined, and the islands start to be built, many more people/companies/groups will want to become involved, and we will eventually end up having to schedule the development of islands. Those with a head start will obviously be the first to become involved and their developers are likely to be much in demand as consultants to other groups.

If your dream is beyond your own capabilities remember consortiums and development groups are a possibility. Covered elsewhere on this web site. If you cant see a way to become involved, then let us know and we will try to introduce you to a consortium or development that will welcome you.

Email initial contact and outline at whatever stage you are at to as soon as you can.

Layout guide

An ebook called the Floating Kingdom Layout Guide defines connections, heights, distances between islands and other layout details and is updated regularly. To see how to get hold of a copy select 'Books' from the very top of this page.



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