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Where people live is of course of great interest to them, and in most cultures providing your home is the major expense next to paying taxes. Likewise within the new kingdom providing your home will be your largest cost, as we have no income tax and few other taxes.

Communities could be housing or could be larger, a living community with shared facilities, a group of people who choose to live together because they have common interests or ideals, or some other grouping.

Many of the visions within the lifestyles section also contain homes, or living space, but in this case it is a secondary provision or part of a combined format.

At first sight, homes may appear to be of two basic types within the structure, with side windows, or on the structure looking more like conventional buildings. However there are many combinations of and variations of these, and far more possibilities than in a land based situation, including stacking some within and more on the top.

The price of comparable homes will be around the same as towns and cities in Europe and the USA, and like these there will be great variation. On land, ground is at a premium, where we have unlimited amounts of ocean, however there is the cost of the structure and although being basically concrete and wire, there is a lot of it, and in addition the creation of the kingdom includes developers developing two islands, one to sell or rent and the other to give to the state. Many of the units the state has, will be let, and this income is one of the major reasons taxation will be so low.

Select the items below to see visions various people have had, and why not come up with your own and email them to us at the address on the home page. There is no specific order to the pages below, use your browser back button to get back to this page.

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