Retirement heaven

Retirement heaven is a group of 6 linked islands, each with their own community features and also some shared ones, 3 of these islands belong to a development consortium and 3 to the government, all will be managed together.

The islands are rectangular with rounded corners and are low, sitting only two properties high, on top of a floor of guest apartments, and below that a boat dock and storage area. The lower of these properties is within the structure of the island with windows out over the boat channels and the higher one is sitting on top of the ground of the island.

Each property is two floors high, and are one bedroom but have a dining room and study as well as a lounge, kitchen and utility room. The ground floor units also have conservatories on the inside of the island. All the grounds at the back are community gardens, and have a number of areas, some with flowers, some a bowling green and croquet court and some just clear lawns although there are a few large trees added for those who prefer shaded areas. Below ground level are a variety of shared facilities that vary between islands so one has a pool another a keep fit room, another a bingo place another a café and the like.

The whole group of islands are all joined in a string by a series of passenger bridges and islands two and five are joined on to the islands to the left and the other to the island to the right. These bridges have gates on them that are shut at night.

For the retired person the properties are the ideal size, and the grounds and facilities are both nice and shared between so many, economical. Having guest apartments means relatives or friends can stay without the need for surplus bedrooms in the homes.

As pensions from many countries can be obtained while being resident here and there is no tax, living costs are low.

Three options are offered, straight rental, which applies completely to the government owned units but also a life time license can be bought, where it reverts to the property trust on death, or a unit can be purchased. In all cases there are still some small service charges to cover shared amenities. The life time license is very popular as it is cheaper than outright purchase and often means a person moving out here from a landed country can have a great deal left over.

With the nice climate, and so much to do, as well as economic advantages, this is the ideal way to spend later years. 

The kingdom not only encourages people to retire here but also values them enormously finding that many are delighted at the opportunity to join in community projects helping the rest of the community.

Many, when they first move out get local newspapers from their area and even local TV programmes sent to them, but very soon they have made all new friends and find news from their landed country so depressing. 


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