Baby farm

At 22, I find my life going nowhere, I didn't bother with university, and the boy I was mad on and lived with for a few years has gone his own way. After the tears when he left, I went out with quite a few guys, most single a few married, and I have to admit that I sleep with guys I go out with, so they will ask me out again. 

On the face of it, many girls think I have a good time, I go out a lot, my income and low commitments means I can spend a lot on clothes, and I always manage to find guys who will buy me presents, take me on holiday, and ferry me about, as I don't have a car.

I justify much of my lifestyle by saying that many of the married women my age only perform for their guys, to get a new cooker, carpet or get their choice of where they go on holiday, some just to keep them from going off with other girls like me. So what is the difference. Having said all that I have decided that I am not happy and I want to make changes in my life.

I need skills, training that will allow me to get a better job, not for the money as much as to get control of my life. I want to be an equal with the guys, to have more choice on who I go with and to perform when I want to.

Several times over the last couple of years I have been on holiday, well who of my age hasn't, in the floating kingdom, but always being the guest of someone or other I have never had the chance to really look around. So this visit is special. I have paid for my own ticket, and I don't have to do what others want to, time is my own.

That is not of course the whole story, and I am not sure how I would explain it to people at home, but I am on a research trip to the baby farm.

So what you may ask is the baby farm, I am not maternal, or want children, but I am attracted by the concept of this special island.

The concept is simple, some people want children but cant have them, but there are not enough babies for them to adopt, so the baby farm produces more. Women who can have children can go to the island, get a free education, live in quality surroundings and be treated great, when they leave they also get a gift.

So my visit is to find out more than I have found out already.  I wont explain the arrival, leisure facilities, parties and fun in the floating kingdom, as I am sure you have read about it all before, or been yourself, but instead start my story at the point I reached the baby farm.

Perhaps I should say that its real name is not the baby farm and I have been asked not to tell you its real name as you may be getting letters from someone working out here with the same address. 

The island is different to most in that it has no outward facing windows, there are window gaps but from the inside they all slope up as angle skylights, so that from inside you are cut off from the outside world. I was collected from my hotel by a water taxi, with darkened windows that looked like the ones stars use, and from the inside these were completely frosted, and he sped off by a devious route so I have no idea where within the floating kingdom I went, and we passed into a boat dock and doors closed behind us. When I reached the reception area by lift,  I joined a group of others all girls 18 to 28 in a conference room. We chatted all a bit nervous. Jenny who was sun tanned, nicely dressed and made up, came in and introduced herself. 

Was she confident. She then explained the lay out of the island, the whole island she explained was shaped like one of those frying pans that has divisions in, there was a large area at one side that occupied the majority of the space and two small sections at the end we were in. Basically girls went around in a circle, settle in and a chance to change their mind, and getting a health screening in one small section, then to the party section, where the objective was to get pregnant, that made us all laugh after all we had spent years trying at parties not to get pregnant. 

Once girls were in the club we moved to the big section, where they received education, learnt skills, and had a social life with the other girls. 

There was little about childcare or the sort of courses that pregnant women outside do, the mindset being to play down the situation, and when the time came the baby was delivered by caesarian section, with the girl completely knocked out, she never saw or heard any of the babies. It sounded a bit like going to the dentist the way it was all explained.

After this they went back into the large area with the girls still expecting to recover a bit, get back into shape and decide what to do next. Many would transfer to accommodation within the university to take exams, and some had decided to go around again so after around 3 months went to the party area, but lived within the large complex.

The other part of the operation at water level and completely separated from the rest was where people who wanted babies went to for initial screening, health checks, attended some training on baby skills and eventually to pick up the baby. There was accommodation on the floor above for those that needed to stay there for a while.

We saw video of the various parts of the complex, and the underground floors, varying from one of  the ensuite rooms of girls at various points to the magnificent central lounge area with its waterfall coming through a glass dome from the surface level, to cinemas to classrooms and studios of various types. It sure was a pleasant place to stay and to learn. 

Next we got to walk along a corridor with windows into some of the areas occupied by the girls in each section, however we had to put on funny little masks that covered part of our face, and in each of the areas we saw, the girls were wearing similar masks. This was so we would not be recognized or recognize anyone we knew.

We arrived back at the conference room, and had some refreshments before getting to a question and answer session.

I was dying to ask about the guys who were at the parties, but didn't know if this was appropriate as most of the others seemed to be more interested in confidentiality, covering up where they were or making sure that some years later a child would not turn up on their door step. This was all covered well.

Someone was on about medical stuff and we got into a discussion on how the afterbirth was used to harvest T cells, some stored in case the child needed them at some point and some were used to help others. One girl wanted to have some saved in case she needed them at some point, but I cant remember what was said about that.

Eventually I had to ask, the guys  at the parties, what if I don't fancy them. Jenny said she was waiting for someone to ask, and everyone chuckled so apparently they all wanted to know too.

Jenny explained that when you take a group of healthy girls, with active lives and desires, put them through a screening process, depriving them, and then after a time move them into an area concentrating on parties, and taking away the fear and risks, the guys having been health checked too, things just seem to happen. 

She went on to explain that the guys fell into two groups, who she called sponsors and targets, the sponsors were very successful men who sponsored the project, covering the difference in cost between what people paid towards getting the babies and the full running cost of the island. The targets were guys who had been targeted by groups of hunter girls and recruited, hunter girls were apparently girls who were getting back into the main world after being through the process and got to go on visits to the resort areas and stay in hotels in the area. Jenny joked the education you get here covers a lot of skills!!!

What if you just don't fancy them I asked. Jenny said no one had to sleep with anyone they did not want to, she didn't think it had ever been a problem for anyone. 

What if you just don't get pregnant asked another girl, Jenny said it did take some time for some girls and sometimes they would if the girl wanted also use artificial insemination, but the natural way is far more fun she added.

How can you get a degree in 9 months another girl asked.  Jenny explained that by the time you include the recovery period you had a year, and that with no need to work or other distractions you could get  a lot more done within the time, however some still needed to go on to the university for a while to take exams or do lab work that was not possible for health reasons earlier. But if this was necessary then this would be provided. Some girls decided to do longer courses she explained and went through two cycles, and if they stayed in the island all the time they could stay in the larger area, missing out the first two just going along to parties.

Would you do it someone eventually asked Jenny. She had, she explained been through two cycles, and got a business degree, now she had moved over to the administration of the trust that run the island. However she was trying to get the trust to agree that girls like her who had been through the process and wanted to then work within the complex could also take part in further cycles. 

The rule was we all had to go back home and consider it for at least a couple of months, before deciding to take part. I have thought about it a lot, and I like the idea my only concern I suppose is that I enjoy male company, if you know what I mean and I am not sure about spending 9 months to a year with no guys. 

So for now while I think about it, its back to the same old pattern.


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